Requio developes commercial and educational web sites for small to medium sizes companies and organisations, astronomy web sites and databases.

Contemporary websites for desktops and mobile devices.



Requio Web Development is a freelance studio in Okinawa, Japan, specializing in the construction of websites for individuals and small to medium size companies or organizations. If you are in need of a simple but modern, comprehensive, easy-to-navigate web site for your business, public outreaches or academic purposes Requio will be able to assist.

Requio's main area of my web design expertise is in electronics, education, optics, astronomy, general science, real-estate, accommodation, tourism and environmental issues. Therefore, Requio has a strong understanding of the technical aspects and applications of the products and services you sell.

Requio can handle texts in English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Japanese.

Friendly and relaxed project correspondence by email - no travel expenses, no extra time for meetings. You can therefore expect a high level of responsiveness and fast turn-around, if need be, on weekends and holidays as well, without surcharges.

For Fairness

  • Inquiries about web sites with illegal contents, such as adult, violence, racial and criminal, as well as sensitive contents such as religious, political, military, legal and medical will be rejected.
  • Advertisement links and share links to "social networks" only supported if under control and after confirmation of the nature of the linked sites. In most cases, linked sites are neither under Requio's control nor under our clients'. Sadly, the internet is not a safe place.
  • Simple and easy to client-maintain websites compatible with a wide range of desktop and mobile devices naturally expect compromises with regard to page design which is a physical limitation. Nowadays search engines, such as Google give ranking preference to web sites which are compatible with mobile devices.
  • You are more than welcome to maintain your website in-house after delivery. However, you would need to assign a colleague with at least basic web programming skills, otherwise the site will remain unattended or ends up in a catastrophic look. Requio can assist you with a brief training.


Requio offers contemporary web design & development scaling many devices with a single code base.

Saving cost as there is no need for multiple websites for each target device.

Public Web Sites

A website to promote your organization, merchandises, ideas, yourself...

This is a standard website for your public internet presence. A basic concept for a small company typically comprises 5 to 7 pages, and carries the lowest price tag.


Company internal websites restricted to employees and trade partners only...

Most companies have need for a platform on which they can share information with targeted colleagues or trading partners. It is basically an ID and paswword protected website.

Management Systems

Database-driven merchandise stock control, school classes tracking system...

Keeping track and history of products and services is a rewarding task, made easy with a powerful database engine and tailored user interface. Requio employs PHP/SQL.


The most popular Content Management System with a flat learning curve...

Requio builds the template for you, and after installation on your server you can start populating your website with contents and maintain your site yourself, saving a maintenance fee.

Android Applications

Compact applications to support your ideas, products and services...

Either as a primary or a secondary promotion tool mobile applications reach out to more people. Requio currently supports Android devices only.


Complementary use of scripting languages: HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, jQuery...

Requio makes use of modern scripting languages and their combinations to produce optimized pages, which can be viewed on nearly all devices, including, of course, mobile.

A website delivered by Requio includes:

  • Fluid, responsive layout
  • Search engine friendliness
  • Google Analytics / Map
  • Local access log on server
  • Simple mail form
  • Flag access counter (third party)
  • One month bug fixes *
* not applicable if client-maintained.



Simple websites, database-driven management, tablet applications.

English School in Tokyo

A fully fledged database-driven Class Management System keeping track of students, class events, statistics, etc. A dedicated section is for class instructors. Enrollment applications are received from a form on the public sector of the site.

Silicon Technology Co., Ltd.

An English/Japanese bilingual website for an electronics devices distribution company in Tokyo. It connects to a database administering products that the company carries. Maintained by Requio.

Asteria Coeli

An astronomy application for Android tablets jam-packed with scientific information and data. It sports a star chart and its database includes exoplanets, Messier, Deepsky, asteroids, comets, and much more.

Mirolux Products Inc.

This is the simple but effective website for a small successful company in the USA, selling to and servicing retro-reflectometers for the traffic safety industry. The web site is largely maintained in-house.



Practical hints for saving money


A simple site is less expensive, uncluttered, easy to navigate and provides quick access to sought after information. But this is not all. Most clients wish to maintain their new site in-house without learning website scripting languages, in that a simple structure helps understand where text and images can be easily added, exchanged or deleted, quickly and painlessly.

Actually, all you need for editing a simple website is a text editor, like Notepad or Wordpad that comes with Windows. Maintenance of a complex website is a time-consuming process, while extra time for maintenance is what most companies cannot afford.


The more you contribute yourself the lower the development fee.

  • you have a clear idea/vision/concept of your web site
  • you do not require several design suggestions
  • you provide most photos/illustrations
  • you provide most/all page texts
  • you agree to simple programming allowing easy maintenance by yourself


Not you, but your online audience must love your site.

  • Efficient Simplicity
  • Minimum, better no flash and animation
  • Comprehensive structure uncluttered contents
  • Abundant 'white space' on pages
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Fast page display
  • Merely one site for most devices, including mobile.


Requio will get back to you within 24 working hours of contact.
International clients please apologize delays as a result of remote time zones. Japan is GMT +9.00H


Okinawa, Japan

080-6676-1710 (domestic only)

Please send an email to the address at the left in case of problems with this mailform.


Sorry for being straightforward. It is entirely irrevalent whether you or Requio like your website or not, your target clients must like it. Certainly, you cannot satisfy all tastes. When planning a new website or a renewal you may wish to consult friends, co-workers and clients. A clear vision can help save cost.

Definitely a matter of taste, but the current trend for small businesses is a website like this one, viewable on both, desktops and mobile devices, also known as 'responsive' design which reaches out to a wider audience and gets preferred rankings in search engines.

Redundant information often results into a cluttered structure. More or less, 'less is more'. Large elements embraced by white space invites readers while frequent updates convince visitors to return to your site. Nothing is older than the news of yesterday.